Thirty miles from New York City lives a forgotten indigenous people, shrouded in mystery and discrimination, fighting for recognition as Native Americans.

AMERICAN NATIVE exposes one indigenous community’s efforts to gain recognition as a Native American tribe from the Federal Government and the private interests colluding behind the scenes to prevent them from doing so.

Through expert interviews and unbridled access to the tribe, AMERICAN NATIVE provides an in-depth look at the complex past, volatile present and endangered future of the Ramapough Lenape Nation.




“The Ramapough’s struggle is the same as that faced by literally dozens of Indian communities.  This film documents the forces aligned against them – old-fashioned bigotry, gaming interests, local property and government interests, federal neglect, and worst of all, the opposition of other Indian peoples.  It is a miracle that these communities survive, despite it all.  And yet, survive they do…”

–Arlinda Locklear, Attorney – Federal Indian Law